Sunday, August 3, 2014

Concerts For A Cause

Hey its Mar!

So my dad and a lady named Carole Coburn put on this thing called CONCERTS for a CAUSE at  MILTS PIT BBQ in Kyle Texas.

The person playing music was DC Bloom.
Grammys Frozen Treats was there too.
There was face panting, dog walking and ice cream eating.
So much fun!
Hope to see you next month.


Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Hey its Mar!

So today we went to Goliad with our moms friend, Denise, and her 2 twin sons. They're both 4. Their names are Luke and Gordon. We went all around Goliad. We went to eat and then we went to the park. Next we went to a mission called Presidio La Bahia (so cool). Finally we went to DQ and then said our good byes.


Saturday, July 5, 2014


Hey its mar.So today we went to Cabela's. We looked at the fish and I took a selfie with a deer (the deer was not so happy about it but hes not alive soooo......yeah). 

Then we went to the shooting range and my score was 140!
Then we played hide and go seek in the tents up stairs (not to brag but i won). That was so much fun

Cabela's in Buda

Friday, July 4, 2014

Mega Sports Camp

Hey its mar! so this week we went to a 4 day sports V.B.S. (Vacation Bible School, Mega Sports Camp at The Connection Church in Buda, Texas). I was not able to do any of the sports because of my leg but I got to help.

Harper did skateboarding. If I could play I would play volleyball. So each day we had different phrase and we had to memorize. It we had fun. Every day was different. Every day was fun.

I had fun hope to see you next year.


Thursday, June 26, 2014

May Pinto and Fiona McDermott

Hey it's Mar.

So my dad works at Dell computers and sometimes he works from home.
When he works from home he has meetings over the computer. Sometimes he lets me talk to his co-workers.

I talk to one of his co-workers a lot. Her name is May Pinto. She lives in India!
Today I also talked to Fiona McDermott. She lives in Ireland.

It's really cool to talk to people from the other side of the world.

Cant wait until next time !!!!!


Judy Blume

Hey it's Mar.

Today i'm at the Kyle Public Library and I checked out a Judy Blume book!

I love reading Judy Blume books. Try reading some!


Did You Know? A Quiz About the United States

Hey it's Mar.

So i got this book called "Search and Find Around the World" and this is a quiz I put together for you to give to others or just for you.

p.s. the quiz is about the U.S.A
Question Mark image from 

Let's start with the best state ever:

1.which state produces one-fourth of the nations oil?
2.which state was coca-cola invented in?
3.which state was basketball invented in?
4.which state is famous for maple syrup?
5.which state is the world capital of breakfast cereal?
6.which state is the football hall of fame in?
7.which state is the bluegrass state?
8.which state is the gopher state?
9.which state is the"breadbasket" of the u.s.a?
10.which state is mount rushmore in?

Scroll down for answers:

Keep scrolling...

10.South Dakota

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hey its Mar!  So the San Marcos Children's Park (Playscape) has this cool mural that the artist, Mabel Sirup came up with (And yes, Mabel Sirup is her real name it's not made up...say it out loud, it's fun!).  On Saturday, June 14 they had a event called Community Paint Day and it was so much fun! They let kids paint flowers and put their hand prints on the wall, they also had a photo booth, a coloring place set up and they had cool coffee filter art! So if you happen to be driving by the San Marcos Children's Park during June 1–31 stop by and Mabel said to me that sometimes, if she's there painting, you can come by and she will let you help her on the mural.  Then next time you go to the park you can say "I painted this part."  So I hope you stop by the mural!

p.s. the mural is on the bathroom building
Painting with my sister, Harper.
Interviewing Mabel Sirup.

Project sign.

Part of the area we painted.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Sickness gone

Hey its Mar. 
So, my virus is GONE. I'm so happy and i can go swimming!!!!!! 
Just in time for summer. 
Schlitterbahn here i come.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Summer Sickness

Hey its Mar.

So, I've been wearing a leg cast for 4 weeks because I broke my ankle in 2 different places on the growth plate.

I just got my cast off on Monday and now I'm in a walking boot for 4 more weeks.

Me getting my cast off.

When I got home after I got my cast off I felt so sick  I took my temp and it was 101.3 so we booked a doctors visit. Now I have a virus (BOO).

And now my mom has a virus.
Dads at work.
Sis taking care of me and my mom.

Shes doing an awesome job!!!


Saturday, June 7, 2014

Event Review - Hays Swim Club Home Meet

Hey it's Mar. 
Today I went to a swim meet for HAYS SWIM TEAM I did not swim but I did have lots of fun with my friends!
Three swimmers from the Hays Swim Club sang the National Anthem

So, every swim meet there's a theme. The last swim meet I went to, the theme was hula. Today's theme was Totally 80s. I had a side pony tail with some fabric in a bow, I also had pink shorts on with neon peace signs on them, and for my shirt i had my (awesome) HAYS SWIM TEAM shirt on.

My mom was handing out the ribbons to the swimmers who got 1st 2nd and 3rd place. She handed out the ribbons to the swimmers who got first place in their heat and my sister got got first place in her HEAT!!!!!!!!!!! 

My sister getting a ribbon.

In my sisters tent there was a real live scorpion. It was so cool to see a scorpion!!! 

They had a concesstion stand with chips, candy, pizza ,sandwiches,donuts and pickles. They also had shaved ice with fresh fruit (p.s. BEST SHAVED ICE EVER)I think the best flavor is            watermelon because it tastes so much like watermelon. 

Wait! It is real watermelon (Note: Shaved Ice was from "Natural Fruit Shaved Ice")

So today i a awesome day and i can't wait till next saturday. 

FYI this swim meet was at the McNaughton Pool in Plum Creek pool by Negley Elementary in Kyle, Texas.

The Hays Swim Club Tidal Waves went head to head with the Circle C Seals.

P.S. good job HAYS and SEALS

Monday, June 2, 2014

Event Review - Froggypalooza

Event Review:
Froggypalooza at the Texas Little Conservationists  in Kyle, Texas
May 31, 2014

By Mar
Hey it's mar! On Saturday my family and I went to this cool event called FroggyPalooza in Kyle ,TX! So FroggyPalooza was put on by a day care called Texas Little Conservationists to raise money for a playground.

They had a Bar-B-Q contest, a kiddie play area with face painting (which my dad, my sister and I took over), hopscotch and musical chairs. they also had a silent auction,karaoke and Grammy's Tasty Treats (which is a ice cream truck in Kyle ,TX).  So if you think this sounds fun come next year for the 2nd annual Froggy Palooza! 


Here are some photos from the day.
From the event's Facebook Page:

Celebrity visits were common (a Minion was there too)

Karaoke in the shade
The BBQ Contest


My dad took this photo of my sister and I cooling off w/ a water balloon