Saturday, June 7, 2014

Event Review - Hays Swim Club Home Meet

Hey it's Mar. 
Today I went to a swim meet for HAYS SWIM TEAM I did not swim but I did have lots of fun with my friends!
Three swimmers from the Hays Swim Club sang the National Anthem

So, every swim meet there's a theme. The last swim meet I went to, the theme was hula. Today's theme was Totally 80s. I had a side pony tail with some fabric in a bow, I also had pink shorts on with neon peace signs on them, and for my shirt i had my (awesome) HAYS SWIM TEAM shirt on.

My mom was handing out the ribbons to the swimmers who got 1st 2nd and 3rd place. She handed out the ribbons to the swimmers who got first place in their heat and my sister got got first place in her HEAT!!!!!!!!!!! 

My sister getting a ribbon.

In my sisters tent there was a real live scorpion. It was so cool to see a scorpion!!! 

They had a concesstion stand with chips, candy, pizza ,sandwiches,donuts and pickles. They also had shaved ice with fresh fruit (p.s. BEST SHAVED ICE EVER)I think the best flavor is            watermelon because it tastes so much like watermelon. 

Wait! It is real watermelon (Note: Shaved Ice was from "Natural Fruit Shaved Ice")

So today i a awesome day and i can't wait till next saturday. 

FYI this swim meet was at the McNaughton Pool in Plum Creek pool by Negley Elementary in Kyle, Texas.

The Hays Swim Club Tidal Waves went head to head with the Circle C Seals.

P.S. good job HAYS and SEALS

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