Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hey its Mar!  So the San Marcos Children's Park (Playscape) has this cool mural that the artist, Mabel Sirup came up with (And yes, Mabel Sirup is her real name it's not made up...say it out loud, it's fun!).  On Saturday, June 14 they had a event called Community Paint Day and it was so much fun! They let kids paint flowers and put their hand prints on the wall, they also had a photo booth, a coloring place set up and they had cool coffee filter art! So if you happen to be driving by the San Marcos Children's Park during June 1–31 stop by and Mabel said to me that sometimes, if she's there painting, you can come by and she will let you help her on the mural.  Then next time you go to the park you can say "I painted this part."  So I hope you stop by the mural!

p.s. the mural is on the bathroom building


Painting with my sister, Harper.
Interviewing Mabel Sirup.

Project sign.

Part of the area we painted.