Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Summer Sickness

Hey its Mar.

So, I've been wearing a leg cast for 4 weeks because I broke my ankle in 2 different places on the growth plate.

I just got my cast off on Monday and now I'm in a walking boot for 4 more weeks.

Me getting my cast off.

When I got home after I got my cast off I felt so sick  I took my temp and it was 101.3 so we booked a doctors visit. Now I have a virus (BOO).

And now my mom has a virus.
Dads at work.
Sis taking care of me and my mom.

Shes doing an awesome job!!!


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  1. Sorry you were sick! I bet it felt good to get that cast off though! I'm glad to see that you're keeping up with your blog. It seems like you're having a great summer. Also, Mr. Sinor sent me the video you guys made at Ella's birthday party... Y'all are so sweet, and I miss everyone!